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Experiencia SVE - Miguel Utrero


 Miguel Utrero comentanos en inglés a súa experiencia SVE en Portugal desglosada mes a mes:

Portugal, January 2017

During this month, I continued with my role in my work place, helping with whatever I can in the house with the children. The children help to me so much with the language. I’m learning so much, they are my second Portuguese teachers!
We spend the new year in Lisbon and we started the new year in Praça de Comerço with so much people from Portugal and other nationalities. It was so great.
Proatlantico invite to us to went to the Estadio da Luz for saw a match of Benfica. It was interesting and good experience, but I like more Sporting.
Some of my flat mates will move in February to Lisbon, so we organized a trip and we spend 4 days in Hamburg, Germany. It was a nice travel, but lot of cold!

Portugal, February 2017

Hello! I continued with my normal activity at work with the children, accompanied them to different activities (swimming classes, psychologist, wen to play at park…) and spending time with they at home when they can´t went outside.
We went to a carnival party in a little town close to Lisbon, called Torres Vedras. It was a big party in the street all the night, so funny!
I started to make my own project. It is a recipe´s book, made by us and in it will be reflected the recipe´s that I will do with the children. Some recipes are form Portugal, some are from Spain and few are for other countries. We will to make all togheter, from go to buy the ingredients to cook the food and for sure eat it.

Portugal, March 2017

Hello! In this month, we stayed in the second formation, in midterm formation. It is celebrated in Guimaraes and it was more shorter than the first. But about the learning it was so good, we meet new people that are working in other cities and islands of Portugal (Madeira)
I continue also with my own project at work, cooking with the children.
Now is starting the good weather here in Lisbon and we started to went to the beaches of the area.
Also we went to Futuralia, a big fair to promote the European Volunteering Service. It was so big and nice, so many people and things for saw and we had the opportunity for get lot of information from other companies and associations.


Portugal, April 2017

Hello! In this month I continue with my own project, cooking with the children and I started to make the recipe´s book in my computer. It is almost finish and it will be so nice.
I visited with some colleagues the Island of Sao Miguel, in Azores. It was incredible place, so natural and exotic, like the jungle. It’s the most beautiful place that I ever visited.
We had the visit of the State Secretary of Portugal in Casa Europa, and some volunteers prepared food for each country in this day. My flat mate and me prepared a good omelet of potatoes, typical Spanish food.
I made my first class of surf in Caparica beach with other volunteers. It was amazing, and we enjoyed so much.


Portugal, May 2017

I enjoyed so much this month. I spent so much time in the beach, the weather was very good like summer. I celebrated my birthday also with my housemates and friends. It was very good. I tried lot of delicious Portuguese food with my parents in typical sites in Lisbon. Very good experience.

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