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Europa es Solidaria - ARC Os Tilos


Dates of the activity: 01st September 2019 until 31th March 2019 (7 months)

Receiving Organisation: Asociación Recreativa Cultural Os Tilos (web)

Description of the organisation

The Asociación Recreativa Cultural Os Tilos was born in the district "Os Tilos", in the City Council of Teo, A Coruña. It is a point of updated information on the various municipal services and benefits and a meeting place for the residents of the urbanization, where they can meet their neighbours, consult the press, and participate in the scheduled activities.

Within its facilities we can speak of a press room, a games room, a library, a computer room, and several multipurpose rooms. They develop different activities for children (games room, crafts, languages, paintings, theatre, etc.), youth(youth club, hip-hop, brake, karate, judo, languages, theatre, etc.) and adults (gymnastics, memory workshops, crafts, videoforum, libroforum, etc.) in addition to other open activities (conviviality, parties, etc.) or popular celebrations, (magician, Christmas, carnival ...)

Roles and tasks

The volunteer will be integrated in the activities carried out in the Asociación Recreativa Cultural Os Tilos in Os Tilos, Teo, for children, teenagers, youth and adults of the district.

The purpose for our volunteers is to give young people in our organisation and in the region, a better European awareness. We wish to widen young people acceptance and understanding of different cultures. With a volunteer present it helps spreading the knowledge about Erasmus+ Program and its various actions.

In the beginning we focus more on language classes and observation and as progress is made classes decrease and work in organisation increase.

The volunteer activity includes:

  • Collaborate with other volunteers in the maintenance and animation of the play-room for children, contributing own initiatives and resources of his/her culture: games, workshops, outdoor games, sports...Together with the team of monitors the volunteer will plan the activities, play with the children and at the end of the activity will tidy up the play-room for the next day.
  • Collaborate with other volunteers in their animations (keep-fit classes, languages, theatre, handicrafts, dance, etc) contributing his/her own initiatives. The volunteer can support these volunteers or if he/she is interested he/she also could start a new one.     
  • Collaborate in activities with elderly: cook-workshop, computing, handicrafts, dance, excursions, hill walking...also contributing his/her own initiatives.
  • Collaborate in the activities of the teenagers club: handicrafts, video, excursions, comics, modern dance contributing his/her personals initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the responsible person of youth information: updating the information, popularization of the activities, and information about the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programme...
  • Collaborate in the language workshop for children, youth and adult people of the neighbourhood.
  • Collaborate in the animation of special activities of the association contributing own initiatives and resources of his/her culture: Carnival, parties, popular feasts,...The volunteer will be part of the organization team of the different activities. Those activities built part of a lot of popular celebrations, so it would be interesting if the volunteer share his/her own experiences and the way how he is living in his/her country. That would be a very interesting exchange.
  • Collaborate in the camp activities during school holidays
  • Collaborate with other volunteers in the sports teams contributing own initiatives.
  • Participate together with other volunteers in the tasks of planning and evaluation of activities, contributing own initiatives: preparation of the material, search of resources,...
  • Help young people from Santiago to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme (Youth Exchanges,,...) and European Solidarity Corps: helping with the language, contributing ideas....
  • Develop a personal project related with one of the activities of the association, adjusted to his/her preferences, abilities and capacities.  
  • Collaborate in the preparation, development and evaluation of the Intercultural Event: intercultural project for the different groups of ages who belongs to the organization

Normal weekly schedule for the activities of the young volunteer:

The general schedule of the volunteer will be Monday to Friday, about 25 to 30 hours , depending on the hours of language training and scheduling meetings and evaluation of the various activities in which they participate. Also she/he has two days off per week , Saturday and Sunday,  except the Association holidays matching his/her stay.


10.00 - 11.00 Spanish support(platform and lessons)

16.00 - 21.00 play room, workshops and other activities


16.00 - 22.30 play room, workshops and other activities and meeting(programation and evaluation)

This schedule should add language training, which will be in the morning and it will vary depending on the needs of the volunteer, and working meetings with technical staff and volunteers of the association.

In addition to this the volunteer will participate together with other volunteers in the programme and evaluation meetings concerning the activities she/he will be involved in.

The volunteer will have two days-off a week, Saturday and Sunday, except the feasts that will coincide with their assistance.

During July and August the timetable will be adjusted according to the summer activities of the centre, working from Monday to Friday in the morning or in the afternoon.

Expected learning outcomes & Youthpass

  • Experience in working with children/youngsters
  • Teaching skills.
  • Knowledge of handicraft and dynamics to motivate the children and teenagers.
  • Knowledge of the operation of a play room, how to programme, carry out and evaluate activities for a play room, and develop abilities as an instructor in a play room
  • Knowledge of the Erasmus+ Program and how to make and carry out informative activities.
  • Learn to programme, carry out and evaluate intercultural activities.
  • Learn to be more patient, more open and more independent
  • Learn the importance of getting to know other mentalities and cultures for his/her personal development and future life.
  • Learn to speak and write correctly in Spanish.
  • Interpersonal skills and social: Adaptability and ability to cope with new challenges, teamwork, shared responsibilities in living with a multinational team of volunteers.
  • Cultural Expression: Developing cultural awareness about mutual needs that are generated in a multicultural environment.
  • Communication in mother tongue and foreign languages: Communication, socialization and negotiation in a second language (Spanish). And knowledge of Galician language.

The project partners commit themselves to update her/his knowledge in this field and to make sure that the volunteer will be issued a Youthpass at the end of the EVS activities.


The ETL Don Bosco, as a coordinator entity, has a rented flat for volunteers. The apartment has everything they need to live: washing machine, fridge, iron, heating, blankets ... The property is managed from the ETL Don Bosco, which will be responsible for paying all expenses: rent, electricity, water, gas... In case of need another extra accommodation we will search for a rented apartment with similar characteristics. The volunteer will receive a monthly transfer(at the beginning) to manage the meals Local transport will be not needed because the flat is few meters close to the organization

How to apply

Fill the application form. Please collect all the necessary information (details from your supporting organisation in your country are mandatory too) before fill it.